3 benefits of telehealth

March 13, 2015
William Grant, Senior Business Development Manager


Telehealth, a term which covers products and solutions that help patients to remotely monitor their own health conditions from the comfort of their homes, is on the rise around Australia and the world. Tunstall has telehealth solutions which can assist people living with chronic conditions such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis and congestive heart failure, allowing them to monitor their vital signs themselves and stay on top of their conditions.

For anyone interested in learning how telehealth can help to improve the lives of their patients or loved ones, take a look at the following benefits of such technology and services.

Reduced emergency hospital visits and lower mortality rates

Telehealth has been proven to reduce not only emergency admission rates in hospitals, but also lower overall mortality rates. This is according to a study¬†called ‘Effect of telehealth on use of secondary care and mortality: findings from the Whole System Demonstrator cluster randomised trial,’ which also suggested that the use of telehealth could help patients avoid emergency hospitalisation and improve the self-management of their health conditions.

Increased access to healthcare

Telehealthcare can benefit people in all areas, but those living in rural or isolated settings can find these solutions particularly rewarding. In a country as vast as Australia, many patients do not have easy access to healthcare providers and have to travel hours at a time just to reach a regular scheduled appointment. Telehealth allows patients in these situations to be monitored 24/7, meaning they only need to see practitioners in person when it has been identified that they need treatment or further assistance. This benefits providers as well as patients, as doctors can expand their reach and feel confident that their patients are receiving effective care even when they’re not physically present.

At-home care leads to comfort and a quick recovery

Many sick or injured people would rather be at home than in hospital, particularly those dealing with chronic illnesses that see them frequently in and out of care. Telehealth services allow patients to stay in their home community, surrounded by friends and family and able to live a more normal life while still being supervised by a specialist. According to the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Centre, patients can experience a faster recovery when they are close to home.

РWilliam Grant, Business Development Manager 

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