Tunstall’s customer satisfaction rating revealed

January 25, 2017
What makes our clients so happy with our service? This  survey reveals all!


When you’re in a customer service industry – specifically one as high -touch as the healthcare sector – quality client satisfaction is the number one goal.

The little details matter, but no company will be able to work on building their services if they do not first listen to the people who are actually using their products on a daily basis. Here at Tunstall Healthcare, we strive to better ourselves for your benefit each and every day, and wanted to know what our clients were thinking of our services. So we asked!

Surveying a mix of our private clients and Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) clients, we ascertained client satisfaction information on Tunstall’s alarms, 24/7 monitoring service and customer service.

We’re pleased to report that Tunstall’s biannual customer satisfaction survey showed consistent positive customer feedback. Lyn Davies, managing director of Tunstall Healthcare shared her excitement about the results.

“We are grateful to receive such positive customer satisfaction survey results that reflect our commitment and passion for providing high quality services and excellent customer satisfaction,”¬†she said.

What is it specifically that makes our clients so satisfied with our products and solutions? Well, let’s get into the details, shall we?

What makes our customers so happy? Our survey reveals all.What makes our customers so happy? Our survey reveals all.

How we measured up

Now, let’s talk about the alarm and associated service – overwhelmingly, about 94 per cent of our customers see the benefits of having the alarm on hand. And even more 96 per cent, found that just having the alarm makes them feel safer. Many of our clients live alone, so the pendant gives them and their families peace of mind.

75 per cent of respondents stated that they wore their pendant every day.

It is especially important in places where accidents tend to occur most often, places which might not allow them to get to a phone to call for help readily. For example, 75 per cent of respondents stated that they wore their pendant every day, with 33 per cent wearing it in the shower and 54 per cent wearing it to bed.

A big part of our service here at Tunstall Healthcare is the educational component. We like to ensure that all our clients are able to use their devices for better management and care of themselves. Research also found that clients were adequately prepared to use the alarm in case of an emergency. This includes the knowledge of how to properly take care of the alarm – with almost all customers (95 per cent) aware that they needed to test their pendant monthly.

Best of all, was the break-down of how our service meets customer expectations. 51 per cent of clients said that the Tunstall service meets their expectations and 47 per cent said that the service is exceptional and even exceeds expectations. We were pleased that almost all of our clients – 98 per cent – found that our service is so beneficial to their safety and confidence in knowing that help is only a button-press away if they need it. And 85 per cent indicated that Tunstall Customer Care Consultants always provide them with adequate help, and would recommend Tunstall services to a friend or family member.

Client satisfaction in 2017

What does it all come too? Well, based on this survey our Net Promoter Score (scaled -100 to 100), was strongly positioned at 71. But what is a Net Promoter Score? And how is it calculated? We’ll tell you!

A Net Promoter Score measures the perception of your brand via customer loyalty. The score is calculated from three groupings of personalities who would be likely, or unlikely to recommended your brand to others:

  1. Promoters (score 9-10): Customers who engage with the brand, continually buy and ‘promote’ the company to their friends and family.
  2. Passives (score 7-8): Customers who are happy, but could jump ship to a competitor if there is a better deal, however, they could be turned into a promoter if you better your product.
  3. Detractors (score 0-6): Customers who are just plain unhappy, will move to a competitor and possibly spread damaging promotion to your potential customers.

Now, figuring out your NPS is a bit more than averaging these scores together. You have to add up the total responses from each of the groups, take the group total and divide it by the total number of responses. Once you have this percentage, you subtract from the total of Detractors from the total of Promoters and there you have it – your NPS score.

So as you can now see, we’re thrilled with this score! Of course, we could not have gathered this valuable insight without the help of our valued clients. So we thank you!

We’re not going to stop looking for ways to better your experience as our client just because we got some positive results, however! Tunstall is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and continual improvement moving forward into the new year and beyond. “We thank everyone who completed the customer satisfaction survey and provided us with valuable feedback about the Tunstall service,” said Lyn Davies.

To refer a client online, visit solutions for healthcare professionals.

For more information about Tunstall services, please contact our friendly customer service team on 1800 603 377 or at info@tunstallhealthcare.com.au

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