SMART AT workshops and Tunstall Healthcare

April 27, 2016
Explore the latest assistive technologies


Support and information are some of the most important things that a modern healthcare system can provide to people that are living with disabilities. Knowing that there are solutions and technologies out there that can help them and make their lives easier is a huge benefit. Every opportunity that arises where new information or assistive technology can be shared with those who can utilise it to improve their quality of life is one that contributes to a better Australia.

SMART stands for Sensitive, Mobile, Automated, Responsive Technologies.

Tunstall Healthcare’s Warren Duce (a speaker at this year’s events) concurs, and has seen first-hand this importance at SMART assistive technology (AT) workshops around Queensland – describing the experience as enjoyable and positive, as well as a privilege to be involved with.

What are SMART AT workshops?

SMART stands for Sensitive, Mobile, Automated, Responsive Technologies, and represents the direction that modern devices and applications are heading in. Provided by LifeTec and supported by Tunstall Healthcare, these workshops are focused on providing information about how the latest in technology can make daily life and healthcare monitoring easier for those with disabilities.

Whether talking to carers, family or the clients themselves, these free sessions are a great opportunity to physically get the technology into people’s hands, and to show them what it can do and the benefits that can be provided.

We also hope to see as many service providers as possible at the events, to facilitate some positive discussions with their customers about how to use SMART products to increase their quality of life.

SMART AT workshops are a great chance to get hands-on with the latest technology.SMART AT workshops are a great chance to get hands-on with the latest technology.

Tunstall at SMART AT

This is the second consecutive year that Tunstall will be attending the workshops, and we are very proud to be involved with LifeTec and with the events. Each session is an opportunity to meet new people within the industry and who utilise our products.

Most importantly, the workshops will allow us to highlight how Tunstall products and services benefit the health and lives of Australians across the nation, and how they can do the same for attendees.

For those with longer-term needs especially, it is incredibly important to feel secure, safe and independent, and assistive healthcare products help to achieve that. Any opportunity to expose our products to those who can utilise them is one that is hugely significant.

SMART AT workshops run from May to June and we look forward to seeing as many people there as possible.

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